Platform-7 uses abstract live art and performance in public space to create challenging interventions that provoke people to consider how they form opinion and make important decisions.


Platform-7 transforms underused, derelict and awkward spaces to stimulate discussion, collaboration, learning and understanding, leading to new ideas and creative outputs.


Client Brief
Employee Reaction

Case Study

#LBLiveStation, Autumn 2017 

London Bridge railway station is the UK's fourth busiest with 250,000 entry and exits each working day, of which 70% are daily commuters.  Since 2014 the station has been undergoing a major rebuilding programme, often causing disruption and occasionally long delays.

Platform-7 is the moniker of event organiser, curator, originator and location seeker John McKiernan, who creates astute art interventions by bringing together an independent network of artists, academics and technicians for one-off interventions and collaborations. 



Platform-7 works with clients to stimulate intuitive thinking within the workplace, develop immersive customer experience programmes, provide creativity tools for team-building workshops and offer idea generation sessions. 

Arts & Events

Platform-7 curates longitudinal interventions, assist artists in realising their ideas and provides advice services, including fundraising, location finding and licensing.

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