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Video and Audio Gallery

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Silent Cacophony Viral 

Vendryes, Clear & McKiernan

Word Raid - Answer the Call 3 of 6

Lockwood, Rowe, Westbrook and Lee-Morgan

Magic Typewriter

Donovan, Esposito & F. Harmer

Let Sunflowers Replace Bombs

Rocklands, St Luce, Dizzy, Sunflower lady

4' 33" John Cage (adapted for Choir)

The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama

Silence of Knitting, Ticehurst 

Shipp & Shipp-Hall

Audio Recordings 

Happy England & The Stranger

Bird Radio, Kirkpatrick 


In The Ground

Merrill & Landmine Clearer Name withheld

 11th November 2013

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