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Re-imagining Ladies Tights & The Tights Ball

Lenka Horakova, Anna Kompaniets and Platform-7 Events


This powerful project uses the most innocuous, gentle and pretty of clothing items, tights and stockings, to encourage people to reconsider waste and recycling.  Using techniques borrowed from advertising, this bright, fun, humorous endeavour draws in the audience to happily engage before exposing how easy it is to be fooled into thinking that the small things don’t matter or make little impression on the planet’s environment. 


Although bright and happy is our approach the project has a darker side. The politics of tights and stocking revealed during live performance interventions, through people telling personal stories, gives insight on how hosiery is viewed, regarded, consumed, disposed of and recycled. 


The Tights Ball is an anti-product with it spherical shape representing mother earth.  Growing as more tights are added, each pair adds another story of how women are viewed and view themselves. 


With partners, the intention is to grow the ball by creating interventionist projects throughout London’s 32 boroughs in association with local authorities.  The eventual aim is to exhibit the giant ball on the forth plinth in Trafalgar Square in Central London.


If you would like to know more or become involved please get in touch here.


The Tights Ball is a collaboration between Akleriah (Anna Kompaniets and Lenka Horakova) and Platform-7 Events in association with local authorities and other partners.  Click to become a partner.


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