​no man's land ​

         took place on the London Underground & Disused Eurostar Terminal at Waterloo Mainline   

on Remembrance Sunday 11th November 2012, from 11.05am

              across 10 London Underground Tube Stations,
                                    10 Musicians,  10 Poets and 10 Filmmakers,​ 
                                               and in 1 iconic landmark joining an Island to a Continent were 10 Sculptures, 
                                                                     creating 11 live simultaneous performances throughout central London​


   this one-off live event invited the public to consider why we all hold the opinion we do on conflict and war​

                         seven months in the preparation, this project was deliberately blighted with bureaucracy, boundaries and barriers,


                                    the performance reflected on how society functions, how events unfold, how the actions of the individual ripple out


                        the event worked from a premise that 100 years ago life for many in the West was developing even faster than today,*

             invention and innovation were creating opportunity, optimism and anticipation, 

                                                            yet society was walking blindly towards a gathering storm, a storm nobody could ever have imagined.


Photo: Bran Jones, Performer Duncan Menzies



The event looked to challenge all who came across it, what did it achieve and what is developing, has it rippled out? 

Welcome to no man's land...

* Click here to see the poem behind this statement describe by T.S. Elliot as one of the greatest pieces of English literature

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